Summer Spectacular

Players from across the Ratby Co-operative Brass Band Organisation enthralled the audience at the Beaumont Leys School on Sunday 8th June during their annual Summer Concert.

Featuring programmes from the Beginner, Junior, Mid and Senior Bands, the concert culminated in all bands performing a massed bands set. With a cultured blend of classics and modern arrangements, the crowded theatre in Beaumont Leys were treated to music for all ages.

Becky Moss, Ratby Junior Band Musical Director, said: “The night was a great outing from the Junior Band who really enjoyed playing in front of a terrific audience. It’s fantastic to see the improvements we continue to make as a group and I’m looking forward to the rest of our summer performances.”


Geoff Newman, Ratby Mid Band Musical Director, said: “I think the best thing about the evening is that everybody sees all the groups within the organisation. One of my favourite things about this concert is that we all get to hear each other play, which we don’t always get the chance to do.”

Michael Fowles, Ratby Co-operative Brass Band Musical Director, said: “Each of the bands brought something slightly different and, in particular, it was a great outing by the Beginner Band. If they keep on developing the way they clearly are, then the future’s very bright for the organisation.

Through every level tonight, I thought each band really set the stall out and played very, very well. The massed finale, as ever, was great fun with a very good standard of playing and a highly appreciative audience.”

massed bands 3

Interested in taking up an instrument? The Ratby Co-operative Brass Band Organisation have bands to suit all ages and abilities. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just want to come and give it a blow, Ratby offer a warm, friendly welcome to all. For more information and for a list of upcoming events, visit the band’s website at or call 0116 2870423.

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