Daytime Band

The Ratby Daytime Band held its inaugural rehearsal on Wednesday 9th February at the Ratby band room.  The trustees of the organisation recognised the benefits for meeting up and doing what bandsmen do well and that’s play together.  Overwhelmed by the turnout, 28 brass players and 2 percussionists were eagerly seated for baton down at 12.30 led by conductor Ian Bartram.

The community spirit was to the forefront as players came from sixteen bands.  Some living on the doorstep whilst others were welcomed from farther afield, one travelled 44 miles to attend.

Ian made a welcomed return after 28 years to conduct in the bandroom having been Musical Director at Ratby back in the early 1990’s.

The age range for a ‘new’ band is something of a milestone in that the age range of the players was so diverse ranging from early 20’s (Wednesday being a day off work) to several in their 70’s!  The wealth of experience was also a revelation in that as a collective the 31 ‘banders’ had given over 1,600 years to the brass band movement!  Rehearsal are 2 hours, starting at 12:30 on a Wednesday. Please get in touch if you’d like more information.

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