Junior Band spreads their talents outside of the bandroom.

Our youngsters have been very busy outside of the bandroom and working especially hard to further their musical journey.

Principal Cornet Jessica hit the high note as she represented her county at the Army Cadets National Music Band camp in April this year. Twice a year, all ACF bands gather for a ‘Concentration’, a week-long music camp in which over 500 cadets at all levels play and learn together, culminating in a series of examinations and performances in one of the largest musical ensembles in the country. Jessica’s most recent accomplishment of being promoted to Lance Corporal rank has certainly upped the ranks with her dedication and commitment to not only playing in the Junior Band but also a member of our champion Mid Band.

Morgan enjoyed taking part in Black Dyke’s ‘Trombone Day’ where he joined a team of 22 trombone players of all ages and standards recently teamed up with Black Dyke stars Brett Baker and Paul Woodward. The students spent the day learning from the finest having workshops and tutorials to give a performance at the end of the day. Morgan was able to watch the best at work when Brett and Paul also joined by members of the Black Dyke Youth Trombone Quartet gave a fantastic lunchtime recital.