The Mystery is Solved…

On September 23rd the Ratby Co-operative Band got together at Braunstone Civic Centre for the latest concert in their Autumn season – and on this occasion, when they met, it was murder! An evening of entertainment masterminded by the bands Flugel Horn player Kirk Turner, going by the title of “Murder at the Casino” found the band in the Blackjack Casino welcomed by compere Debbie Neath.


During the evening the death of casino owner William Kelly was announced and Debbie guided the assembled crowd through investigations featuring musical appearances from the likes of a man with a bowler hat, a couple of lady detectives from New York, one of their colleagues from Amsterdam, a magician’s assistant, a lady of a certain age and an antiques dealer, helped (or hindered) by one Officer Krupke and a bunch of Keystone Cops. A number of suspects were identified from among the clientele – was it the jealous wife Audrey, rival casino proprietor Wesley, the waitress, the croupier, the bouncer…..? At the end of the evening all became clear and most of the audience were allowed to return safely home; one person has some explaining to do…..