Stompers Oompah Again!

The Ratby Stompers were once again out oom-pa-ing their way through the evening at Ratby Sports and Social Club for an Oktoberfest themed evening on Saturday 18th October. Starting off with a respectable set, dressed in all black, the Ratby Stompers (a small group of players from the Senior Band) warmed the audience up with a few well known numbers, whilst the lager began to flow in the club. Later on, the group donned their infamous outfits to compliment the change in musical style as a fine array of oompah music, drinking songs and well other tunes livened up the oktoberfest! stompers1

The bratwurst and sauerkraut were soon to follow, before the stompers took once again to the stage. Steve (Stan) Alexander also managed to draw in some volunteers for a few light hearted competitions, all of course with musical accompaniment. A great evening was had by all, and the Sports Club have already said they can’t wait to have the stompers back!  Please check out the new ‘Stompers‘ page of our website.